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Recycle Your Holiday

Are you looking for ways to recycle ALL THAT HOLIDAY WASTE? I've got a few ideas here that can take your excess to success! Oooh. Yes, I did say that. I'm sticking by it though. Maybe I'll make a T-Shirt with that very saying. I mean, it is what I'm going for.

Moving on.

1. Newspaper Garland

This could be made with any type of newspaper including the flyers. It could be done with scrap paper but I'd say the newspaper absorbs the paint the best to give you this type of look. Grab the how to here.


These are shipping boxes turned into reusable, collapsible gift boxes! They fit into a very narrow space and look great year after year. Plus they are free. Or sorta free anyway. Don't be intimidated by the tutorial. It is not nearly as complicated as it seems. It is, at its core, paint and glue! You can do it! You will be happy you did! Find the tutorial here.


Use all that scrap paper to create bowls! You know you have some! We made these and we love them! We use them ALL the time. I'm telling you, they are handy! Find the tutorial here.


Cardboard is literally everywhere in my house at the moment. I'm guessing I'm not the only one! Use it all to make a sweet little bear and tree with the fam! Bonus this little bear is part of our Brainy Story Prompt Series. That means you can find a story to complete with this tutorial. Head over here to see more!


Do you have scraps of fabric around? Use them to make these Dutch Clogs for next year's festivities! You can hang them on the wall and place goodies inside! They take less than a 1/2 yard per pair! Check them out here.

Have a great time recycling all your materials from the holidays! It is totally worth it! Resourcefulness feels really good!

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